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“I dreaded the first glance at objects around me.

It was not that I feared to look upon things horrible,

but that I grew aghast lest there should be nothing to see.”

What manner of the macabre might this be?

For the uninitiated, QR Codes are a type of 2 dimensional bar code (similar to the very common bar codes found on most every packaged product). QR Codes hold various bits of information such as simple text messages, URL’s (website addresses), contact information, geographic coordinates, and even WiFi network details. QR Codes are afun way to integrate information into comic books, too- used this way, QR code further expands the story with video, images, audio, etc. Besides the Pit and the Pendulum Interactive Comic, here’s an interesting example of another QR Code – enhanced comic. The University of Arkansas has found uses for QR Code in educational settings, as well. QR Codes foster interaction between readers via their mobile phones, enabling intellectual discussions about related topics, and invariably enhance the learning experience. Leap over to  QR Code 101 delve deeper-

What to do with a QR Code?__Allow me to me enlighten.
Jump over to Google and search for  QR Code readers, or visit the Links page for a few suggested links. Plenty of QR Code readers to choose from. You’ll only need to know your mobile phone brand and model, and downloading capability for the application to upload into your device, whether it be a mobile phone, PDA, iPad, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, etc.

Once you’ve uploaded the reader application to your mobile device, merely point the camera at the QR code and Eureka! Readable text!

What makes The Pit and the Pendulum Interactive Comic, ‘interactive’? __Glad you asked.
The Interactive aspect of the project is derived via QR Codes and hyperlinks embedded in the digital PDF file of the comic. The QR Codes and PDF hyperlinks serve to expand the story with images, additional text, audio, and video clips. The QR Codes are plainly visible, but the PDF links are ‘hidden’. It’s more fun that way, don’t you agree? Maneuvering your computer’s mouse cursor over the digital PDF reveals the links, thus providing access to the hyperlinked information. Be warned; some links are harder to find than others.

On that note, there will be numerous hidden word puzzles, cryptographs, word-find challenges and whatnot added to occupy your mind while awaiting your sentence.  All part of a diabolical plan, a GAME as it were. The fortunate few to solve the puzzles, assemble the clues and find a way out of their way out of the pit shall be rewarded, justly. 

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